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Permeable Pavers

Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS) - Permeable Pavement Applications & Specifications
A parking lot, sidewalk or street created with BASS uses permeable components that allow water to flow through, retaining water runoff and directing it through a series of natural filtration systems before it enters nearby streams or rivers. Read more...

Sand Setting Bed Pavers

Century System: Sand Setting Bed Applications & Specifications
Complement the architecture of your buildings with the timeless, European look of concrete paving stones installed with the spectacular Century System from LPS Pavement Company.This flexible paving system consists of superior-quality concrete pavers, a sand-setting bed, a crushed-stone base and/or concrete subbase. Read more...

Pedestal Set Pavers

Phoenix System: Pedestal Set Applications & Specifications
A rigid pedestal format topped with concrete or granite slabs, the Phoenix System has been successfully incorporated into many types of applications including rooftop decks, courtyards and terraces for commercial, industrial and residential developments. Read more...

Bituminous Setting Bed Pavers

Manhatten System: Bituminous Setting Bed Applications & Specifications
For a paving system that requires clay or granite pavers, LPS Pavement Company presents the Manhatten System. With the flexibility to integrate clay and granite with concrete and slabs, the Manhatten System can stand up to the most severe traffic, but still offers you the maximum design versatility. Read more...

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"LPS doesn't do landscaping or sprinklers - they do paving work and they do it best. Whether it's by hand or by machine, the project will be done on time and within budget."

Dennis Kintop, President
MIC Construction

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