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Century System - Sand Setting Bed Applications

Complement the architecture of your buildings with the timeless, European look of concrete paving stones installed with the spectacular Century System from LPS Pavement Company.

This flexible paving system consists of superior-quality concrete pavers, a sand-setting bed, a crushed-stone base and/or concrete subbase. The many benefits provided by this popular system make it a first choice for commercial or industrial applications including roadways, plazas, decks, bus stops, showroom floors, shopping malls, crosswalks, cycle paths, traffic islands and more - anyplace where a hard surface is desired.

Perfect where frost conditions or unstable soil conditions require a paving surface that will outperform all the other options, the Century System gives your project the durability you need, plus the aesthetic qualities you want. And LPS Pavement Company offers it at an economical cost.

Many advantages of the Century System are made possible because of the in the incredible advances in concrete technology. With this system, you enjoy the inherent benefits of concrete paving stones.

Overall economy is undoubtedly a prime benefit. Concrete paving stones are a phenomenal long-term investment. They require far less maintenance than any other paving surface - you save money by eliminating costly patching and resurfacing. You can avoid continual painting of parking space lines and directional signs by creating the patterns with the design of the stones. And concrete paving stones are reusable - They can be removed for access to underground utilities and reinstalled after repairs are completed.

In addition, concrete paving stones have a compression strength in excess of 7500 psi, providing greater durability and extended product life. Even in heavy industrial uses they withstand tremendous point loading with no problems.

Concrete paving stones are also extremely dense, so the absorption level is always less than 5% - much lower than asphalt and poured-in-place concrete. That means their resistance to oil and salt is tremendous. They respond flexibly to seasonal ground swelling and frost heave, and they can be installed to minimize costly construction delays.

Besides the practical advantages of concrete paving stones, the design possibilities are endless. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes provide for an expression of individuality to blend with any building or architectural style. The economical, durable and aesthetic qualities of concrete paving stones provide the evidence that has made them the market leader for LPS Pavement Company.

Another outstanding asset of the Century System involves its option for methods of installation - a distinct advantage for certain projects in terms of time and money. The Century System is typically installed manually, one paver at a time. But certain applications (as determined by the contractor) allow for use of a hydraulically operated clamp driven by a machine that installs the pavers much more rapidly and with less manpower.

While the mechanical installation places a few limitations on the process, such as color, shape and selection, the labor savings can involve a cost reduction up to 60%. Only the Century System from LPS Pavement Company offers the option of mechanical installation - an economical way to pave, making concrete paving stones immediately competitive with poured-in-place concrete.

As the industry leader, LPS Pavement Company actually introduced mechanical installation to the United States, borrowing the technology from the German paving industry. And that's just one example of the way LPS Pavement Company is constantly working with the highest quality paving system for the lowest possible price. As further evidence of this innovative spirit combined with a cost-efficient attitude, LPS Pavement Company offers you the Century System.

Standard Installation:

Standard Installation of Sand Setting Bed Applications

Existing Pavement Installation:

Existing Pavement Installation of Sand Setting Bed Applications


Download the Century system specifications for clay and concrete pavers as printer-friendly .pdf files.
Clay Interlocking Pavers
Concrete Interlocking Pavers


Allows for natural storm water drainage
Meets federal storm water management requirements
Allows you to reclaim land slated for retention ponds
Built to handle heavy vehicular traffic


Century System
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