LPS Pavement Company

An Industry Leader

When you work on a project that will have a direct effect on your property value, you need the guidance of an industry leader like LPS Pavement Company. For the past thirty-one years, LPS has been building a reputation based on professionalism, reliability, and service - qualities that make us the industry leader.

From system and design consultation to material selection, skilled installation and complete follow-up, we provide beginning-to-end service. We also offer the largest selection of paving stones in the market. Distinct shapes like Normandy and Holland will add variety and flair to any area. Custom coloring is also available, allowing you to perfectly accent any building or architectural style. Whatever mood you choose to create, LPS has the tools to provide the look.

Quality Installation

While paving systems boost curb appeal, increase property value and maximize an owner’s return on investment, quality installation is the most important ingredient for success. As the industry leader, LPS Pavement Company takes pride in offering the finest, most thorough installation services in the nation. Our installation professionals are the best in the business, which is why LPS has a reputation for excellence on even the most complex installation projects.

Professionalism and Experience

The LPS team is known for dependability, integrity, and unwavering dedication to quality. From routine to complex, each installation receives the same care and enthusiasm from our experienced personnel. When your project demands professionalism and reliability, you can trust the LPS Pavement Company team.

The benefits of paving systems are endless and the applications are truly broad in scope. Let the professional, efficient LPS team put those advantages to work for you with top quality installation and service – simplifying your job and satisfying your clients.

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